Thursday, October 16, 2008


Meant to make tattoos are nusukkan-needle puncture or working in the back of the hands, arms or lips or other places in the body that women are not blood and giving mascara or lime in the former puncture the skin so that the color changed to black.
There is never to you? would ask why children read pleased with the tatto or thin people are much simpler bertato.
Average life they have tattoos, but not a full body, if the new songs until the end of feet and hands. sometimes if a new shirt open to light.
Chocolate is the start bertatto now, but not plasticity, the only.

A tatto that does not play any cleanup, many of which take the abstract or Tribal Tribal ancient my own sometimes do not understand what it means, usually only when "oo" while observing.
He respects the high value of art to their own bodies also dirajah accordance with the engraving / Tribal ancient Some also create some identity in the group.


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