Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rent Car

Here is a collection of various car in Bali in accordance with the taste and your needs. Some brand cars are available, such as Toyota Avanza, Xenia Diahatsu, Suzuki APV, Karimun Estilo, LGX deer, Karimun, Jimny, Ferosa and so forth. To order, please contact us via email or phone and SMS.

Find out the reasons must also choose the e-KutaDOTcom as a partner in your holidays in Bali: full insurance for cars and passengers, are guaranteed the most affordable price, friendly service and satisfaction, the car in good condition, Cars can be retrieved and returned in the Airport / Hotel.
We believe that many rent a car in Bali, but one thing that distinguishes us is how we serve you. Your satisfaction is a pride for all of us here.

* = Self Drive Car Rental without drivers per 24 hours, minimum rent 2 days
* Plus Driver = Package + car driver Driver for 10 hours, not including the price of gasoline.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The best -top ten - in Bali

Top Ten in Bali

1. Hunting Photo / Art Works

After the cruise port of Gilimanuk or from the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali provide unique atmosphere at each stop in the front. Enchantment of nature, tradition and cultural heritage was on the works of art and the building. Silent witnesses of the Bali can be found in the Museum of Nusa Dua, Ubud and Klungkung. Expression of the arts and artists of Bali and the world of artists recorded in the studio, the home of artists, also in the shops, art items and antiques.

2. Browse

All can be explored. Bali owned natural human world. They run on the dike field, mengekplorasi plant drugs, climb mountains, around the village with traditional natural vegetation in the surrounding areas. Tourists normally cycling, horse, rubber paddle boat in the river, or in the VM or jeep lincah. Also, you can run in the bottom of the sea, although the same can not swim once, a kind of helmet beroksigen become a tool of adventure with your fish and various corals.

3. Spa

Subtle, Soft, and Wangi! Skin care and body with a touch of herb and traditional Balinese participate maintain health. Spa services available with a variety of different quality of the good atmosphere in the hotel / villa or in the special service Spa. Find reasons why some Spa Bali Spa was selected as the world's best.

4. Shopping in Pulau Dewata

Quality cloth, various model clothes, jewelry, furnishings, room decor / house available in the local fabric store Denpasar, Tohpati, Mas, Ubud. Also, the merchant and trader cloth, batik, weaving and ready to serve regardless of any request you.

5. Dining & Meeting

Beautiful day to gather with their friends, eat special food, drink, enjoy a variety of taste, art accompanied traditional music and entertainment. Balinese provide panoramic beaches, sun-up / down, slope cliffs, tropical gardens, the atmosphere edge pool, river, or in the hills, valleys and mountains. Living in accordance message your pocket and taste, quality of service standards are international.

6. Villa

Hundreds of hotel and villa in Bali western, central, east and south. According to price and class, is available at the hotel under the Rp.300.000, - a range of Rp. 300.000, - until Rp.1.500.000, - and reach the dwelling Rp.60.000.000, - per night. Simplicity and elegance in Bali. Pulau Dewata, holiday-friendly place for all people.

7. Cruises

Explore the Bali! Visit the tropical island of Bali as Lembongan Island, Ceningan, Nusa Penida, a variety of service that is ready to serve your request. From Bali, the tourists often go to Gili Trawangan, beach Lombok, Komodo and Flores. Machine ships equipped with high quality standards for passenger shipping equipment such life preserver, and the professional, comfortable way to provide this. Explore the waters, seabed salami beautiful archipelago, as a dolphin dancing on the surface waters of Bali.

8. Night

Partying and dancing! Entertainment band, famous DJ, swing, Bartender and pampered all night. Options on the beach party, or intimate places two, Bali ready to welcome you with a party or group who want to be alone with nature. Borrowing the words Dr. Samuel Johnson, "If you fed up in Bali, you bored with your life.

9. Diving

Water tanks mirror, penetrate colorful coral reefs with fish around, moving. Do not be afraid! Dive operator licensed always ready to oversee and help you! Coral reefs, colorful tropical seas in the world traveler to Bali to enjoy. Special services are also available for people with disabilities who want to run on water. The paralyzed can walk in Bali. Enjoy the wonders of nature Bali.

10. Message through Travel Agent

Hundreds of international berstandar travel agent in Bali. They were ready with the best professional services and best prices. Enjoy your holidays and events in Bali with the trusty guide.