Friday, November 7, 2008

the surf sports

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that is famous pariwisatanya. Where is the island of Bali have places of scenic beauty and unique culture which is the attraction of tourists. One place that became the main destination of tourists is the beach. Since the Bali Island has many beautiful beaches such as the famous Kuta beach with white sand and the beautiful sunset. Sanur beach and the sunrise with his, Puri, Dimona, Dream Land, and many more. However, not only the beauty given by the beaches. Some of them popular with water and become a good tourist attraction is pleased with the surf sports.

Tourism in Bali itself from the surf sports. By the 1940s some of the foreigners who come to Kuta beach to search for waves. Surfer often because of the demands to find a good wave. Then the defects in many Surfer came to the island of Bali to try to surf. Because usually the Surfer provide information about a new place to the other Surfer. And at that time there has been no lodging, so that the Surfer who come and stay in the houses around the community. With the advent of time start to appear hotel restaurants and bars around Kuta. Until finally met around the Kuta Beach hotels and various entertainment as we know at this time.

To stabilize and bolster tourism in Bali is one of the media. The role of the media here is very important, in addition to providing information, the media can also become a means of tourism promotion. So also the case with the print media surf. Where can provide information about the sport of surfing in Bali could attract tourists to come to this island of God. Besides the print media can also become a bridge to the Surfer into the local surf sports. Surfer and not a little local race that could have been in the international classes.

newspaper also barpartisipasi always in the championship which was held by the surf brand-surf brand in Bali. And not infrequently the championship participants, who come from surfing various countries. The media can contribute in the surf sports. Provides information about the situation in Bali and surf beaches are good for surfing. And do not forget to load feature, the Surfer, both local and non-local. And the print media can also be facilities for the local non Surfer who want to enjoy the waves in Bali and know the local Surfer.

Until now there has been some media that focus on sports surf. And almost all have the same goal, namely to promote world surfing in Bali. Due to the advancement of sports surf can be expected to promote tourism on the island of Bali.


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