Friday, August 15, 2008

Talking about Bali

Talking about Bali, never separated from the cultural uniqueness. Community and thought Bali is affected by the culture that is still strong, maintained up to now.

When talking about the culture of Bali (customs), then the culture will not be separated from the Hindu Religion. If you watch, both the mixed and establish the uniqueness of Balinese culture is unique.

Hinduism in Bali is very different from the Hindu religion in India. Hinduism in Bali absorbed into the cultural community to out-putnya so very different from the Hindu religion in India. For example: the concept persembahyangan facilities in the Hindu religion, which consists of: water, fire, flowers, fruit, leaves a variety of shapes in a variety of religious ceremonies. Until very difficult to be separated, where religion and customs.

In modern life, there are some traditions that simplified after review of the different basic philosophy in the Hindu religion. However, the various traditions still maintained as the original, such as in the areas of Bali Central and South Bali.

Culture agricultural community that has now become a modern society in various forms, sometimes a dilemma for individuals who own Model. Such as: ngayah obligations in line with the working hours of members row. However, this phenomenon does not release the desire to continue the community tradition parent. They can be compromised in various ways, take the concept of harmonization of the basic philosophical way of thinking community.

Bali is unique and special. Hopefully that tradition has mendarah meat is still maintained in a long time and not become extinct in the era gerusan.


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