Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bali History

To understand the uniqueness Bali can not be released with starfish history of Bali from time to time. History Bali become so unique and special because it is supported by the attitude citizens to give special attention to the remainder leluhurnya. Trust in the ancestors of the historical attention so high in Bali.
Even so much historical as it applied to sacred objects that should not be not properly treated. In the history of Bali, we also explain the condition of Bali in the days of Pre-History, and continues to Bali At era, the era of Bali Aga, Bali and the Modern era. With the exposure this will certainly be able to understand the condition of Bali in more intact. Even more to understand the history of the Bali mythology, we also tried out a few stories of people who have connection with the history of a place or events that have been in Bali.

• Age prehistory
• The Bali Kuna
• The Middle Bali
• The New Bali
• The state of Kings
• Government Jaman past
• Trade of the Bali-First Century to 19
• Kingdom of Bali in the 19th Century
• Kuta Towards the 19th Century
• In Bali in the 19th Century
• Kertha Gosa, Central Court Ceremony Previously era.


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